January 01, 2019

Invest for rewards 2019


Invest at least Php500,000 in participating Sun Life Prosperity Funds and enjoy your reward of choice!

Invest for Rewards


One-Time or Accumulated Investment Amount

Reward Value

Select your reward!


Leisure Pass


Gift Certificate




to PHP999,999

to USD19,999.98)

One (1) raffle entry for a chance to win PHP50,000 worth of either Abenson Gift Certificates or Sun Life Prosperity Cards.

One (1) winner will be drawn at the end of every quarter, from January 2019 to December 2019. 


PHP1,000,000 to PHP2,999,999

 (USD20,000 to USD59,999.98)


Convertible to:

-airfare bookings,

-hotel   accommodations

-travel insurance

-car rentals

-visa services

-seat upgrade


-tour packages




Please coordinate with our travel partner for further information.

SM Gift Pass, Sodexo, or Rustan’s Gift Certificate

Sun Life Prosperity Card



PHP3,000,000 to PHP4,999,999

(USD60,000 to USD99,999.98)



PHP5,000,000 to PHP9,999,999 (USD100,000 to USD199,999.98)



PHP10,000,000 and up

(USD200,000 and up)


 *Investors availing rewards under tiers 2, 3, 4 & 5 are no longer eligible for the raffle in tier #1




January 2 to December 27, 2019

Promo Terms and Conditions



    1. To qualify, initial and subsequent investments under Sales Load Option B (back-end sales load) must be made in any of Sun Life Asset Management Company Inc.’s (SLAMCI) twelve (12) participating Sun Life Prosperity Funds listed below, or any new Sun Life Prosperity Funds included by SLAMCI in the promo:


    Peso Funds

    Dollar Funds

    Philippine Equity Fund

    Philippine Stock Index Fund

    Balanced Fund

    Bond Fund

    GS Fund

    Dollar Advantage

    Dollar Abundance

    Dollar Wellspring

    World Voyager


    Note: Sales Load Option B refers to investments with no sales loads deducted upfront but shall be locked in for five (5) years.


    1. Investors must meet the following minimum required investment amounts depending on the tier they wish to qualify for.


    Invest for Rewards

    One-Time or Accumulated

    under any of the participating Sun Life Prosperity Funds identified in #1

    PHP500,000 or USD10,000

    Dollar investments are automatically converted to prevailing market rates.


    1. Investments in the Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund and the Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Starter Fund are not included in the promo.


    1. Investors may transfer their investments from the Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund or the Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Starter Fund to any of the participating peso- and dollar-denominated Sun Life Prosperity Funds, respectively, in order to qualify, provided that the investments are initial investments or are FRESH FUNDS and did not originate from any of the other Sun Life Prosperity Funds. SLAMCI Investor Services shall validate each investment’s source to ascertain investors’ eligibility to the promo.


    1. Only investments made through initial and additional subscriptions and cleared as of Friday, December 27, 2019, close of business day, will be eligible for the rewards (i.e. Raffle Entry/ies, Leisure Passes, SM Gift Passes, Sodexo/ Rustan’s Gift Certificates, or Sun Life Prosperity Cards).


    1. Investments may be paid via deposits, cash, money transfer, cheque or any new payment gateway that may be allowed during the promo period. Investments must be credited to designated SLAMCI bank accounts. Investments made in cash via any of Sun Life’s Client Service Centers must not exceed PHP100,000.


    1. Joining the promo by redeeming funds from one account then transferring it to another is strictly prohibited.


    1. SLAMCI reserves the right to dispute the eligibility of an investment for the promo.




    1. Accumulation of qualified investments is allowed. However, these must amount to at least PHP500,000 or USD10,000 to be eligible in the promo.


    1. Investments in a combination of participating funds will be considered as long as the combined total investment will be under the investor’s individual/personal mutual fund accounts, joint “and/or” accounts included.


    1. Institutional accounts are qualified but cannot be combined with individual accounts.


    1. The investor must list down the summary of accumulated investments in the Reward Redemption Form.
    1. Sample list of accumulated investments:


      Account Type

      Account Name

      Account Number

      Total Amount Invested Upon Subscription

      Individual Account

      Juan Dela Cruz


      PHP 1,000,000.00

      Joint AND/OR Account (Including ITF)

      Juan Dela Cruz or

      Maria Dela Cruz


      PHP 500,000.00

      Juan Dela Cruz or

      Maria Dela Cruz


      USD 10,000.00

      Juan Dela Cruz or

      Maria Dela Cruz


      PHP 200,000.00


      1. A transaction is eligible for accumulation and/or reward redemption only once.


      1. The investor is responsible for monitoring his/her accumulated investments to determine promo eligibility. Investors may call the Investor Services Hotline at 849-9888 or access the My Sun Life Client Portal at www.sunlife.com.ph to verify the details of his/her accumulated transactions.


      1. The investor must submit the Reward Redemption Form to the SLAMCI office or to his/her financial advisor/relationship manager after the required amount of investment is invested or accumulated. The financial advisor/ relationship manager must then submit the original form to the SLAMCI office, which is located at 8F Sun Life Centre, 5th Avenue corner Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.


      1. SLAMCI reserves the right to verify the list of the investor’s accumulated investments. Should SLAMCI confirm that the information provided is not valid, the enrolled transaction will not be considered for reward redemption.




      1. All qualified single or accumulated investments in any of the participating Sun Life Prosperity Funds under the Sales Load Option B and within the promo period are entitled to receive the following rewards:
      2. One (1) raffle entry for a chance to win PHP50,000 worth of Abenson Gift Certificates or Sun Life Prosperity Cards, to be given away to one (1) lucky investor at the end of every quarter throughout the year 2019 (for investments made under Tier 5); and/or
      3. Leisure Passes, which can be convertible to airfare bookings, hotel accommodations, travel insurance, car rentals, visa services, seat upgrades, cruise, your packages, etc; and/ or
      4. SM Gift Passes, which may be used at SM Department Store/ The SM Store, SM Supermarket/ Hypermarket, SM Appliances; and/or
      5. Sodexo Gift Certificates, which may be used at participating Sodexo merchants nationwide; and/ or
      6. Rustan’s Gift Certificates, which may be used at Rustan’s Department Stores nationwide; and/ or
      7. Sun Life Prosperity Cards, which may be used to invest in any of the peso-denominated Sun Life Prosperity Funds.


      1. Only cleared funds as of December 27, 2019 (Friday), close of business day, shall be included in this promo.


      1. A participating investor must accomplish the Reward Redemption Form, and, upon completion, submit this to the SLAMCI office personally or through his/her financial advisor/relationship manager. The deadline for submission is on January 31, 2020 (Friday), close of business day. In the Reward Redemption Form, an investor must specify the investment tier (and corresponding reward value) to which he/she will be subscribing. Selecting a range of rewards is allowed provided that the total reward value is commensurate with the investment made within the promo period. This selection shall be the basis for SLAMCI’s issuance of the rewards.


      1. Rewards applicable to the investor will depend on his/her total investment amount, per transaction. Each investment will be taken as one transaction and client will receive the reward appropriate to the tier where the investment amount falls. For accumulated investments, the total accumulated investment shall be treated as one transaction. He/she may refer to the rewards summary page for the details of each reward.


      1. The aforementioned rewards may not be converted to cash.


      1. Failure to submit the Reward Redemption Form to the SLAMCI office by the aforementioned deadline forfeits the investor’s eligibility to claim rewards. SLAMCI shall not be liable for the investor’s failure to submit the Reward Redemption Form within the promo period.



      SLAMCI shall follow the release schedule below for issuance of the rewards:





      SM Gift Passes

      Last business day of the current month

      15th day of the next month

      Sodexo Gift Certificates

      Rustan’s Gift Certificates

      Leisure Passes


      15 working days from submission of the Reward Redemption Form to the SLAMCI Office

      Sun Life Prosperity Cards


      These rewards, may be claimed at the SLAMCI office during office hours or from the investor’s financial advisor/relationship manager (upon arrangement). The Abenson Gift Certificates, SM Gift Passes, Sodexo/ Rustan’s Gift Certificate and Leisure Passes shall be valid for one (1) year from date of issue.


      1. For the leisure reward option, the Leisure Voucher/s must be submitted to the travel agency for conversion to their choice of service by February 28, 2020 (Friday), close of business day. The travel agency shall provide the investor a quotation on the service selected, and charge against this the reward value indicated on the latter’s Leisure Passes.


      1. The rewards may be transferred to another person, but only the eligible investor or his/ her authorized representative may claim the rewards, which shall be issued by an authorized SLAMCI representative. The investor’s authorized representative must present the following:
      • An authorization letter signed by the investor
      • A valid photo-bearing ID of both the investor and the person who will avail of the reward


      1. Winners of the raffle tiers under Invest for Rewards shall be generated electronically, using an online randomizer, on the following days:
      2. Quarter 1 (January to March 2019): April 8, 2019 (Monday)
      3. Quarter 2 (April to June 2019): July 8, 2019 (Monday)
      4. Quarter 3 (July to September 2019): November 11, 2019 (Monday)
      5. Quarter 4 (October to December 2019): January 13, 2020 (Monday)


      Should there be changes with the indicated draw dates, SLAMCI shall advise investors via its different communication channels: Facebook, e-mail, or SMS.


      The winning investors shall be notified via their nominated e-mail addresses/ addresses and contact numbers within one (1) week from the draw. To redeem the PHP50,000 worth of Abenson Gift Certificates or Sun Life Prosperity Cards, winners must fully accomplish the Reward Redemption Form and submit to the SLAMCI office or to his/her financial advisor/relationship manager. Once selected as a winner in any of the aforementioned draws, an investor may not qualify for the other remaining draws.


      The four (4) selected winners (i.e. four winners of Abenson Gift Certificates or Sun Life Prosperity Cards) may still accumulate investments to qualify for the other tiers in which investors may receive rewards, guaranteed. However, the amount invested to qualify in the raffle category (i.e. PHP500,000 to PHP999,999 or USD10,000 to USD19,999.98 for one-time/ accumulated investments under participating Sun Life Prosperity Funds) shall be deducted from the accumulated investment.


      1. For leisure passes that will be transferred or given to another person, the travel agency will require:
      • An authorization letter signed by the investor
      • A valid photo-bearing ID of both the investor and the person who will avail of the reward
      • Additional documents (i.e. passport), which may be required depending on the travel package selected


      Note: Booked trips cannot be transferred.


      1. Lost or damaged Reward Redemption Forms, Gift Certificates, Gift Passes, Leisure Passes, and Sun Life Prosperity Cards shall be considered forfeited and will not be replaced by SLAMCI.


      1. Investors who will redeem Leisure Passes shall be responsible for making any special arrangement with the travel agency and shall shoulder any amount in excess of the Leisure Pass’s value. In cases where the amount is lower than the value of the Leisure Pass/es, the difference cannot be converted to cash or other gift items, and shall therefore be forfeited.


      1. Booked flights under the Leisure Pass option are non-endorsable, non-re-routable, and non-refundable. Flights may change without prior notice.


      1. To avail services using the SLAMCI-issued Leisure Passes, the investor may directly coordinate with HRG Philippines, the official travel agency for this promo. Branches and contact details are available at http://marsman-travel.com.ph/contact-us/. The following requirements must be submitted:
      • Original Travel Voucher/s
      • One valid photo-bearing ID


      1. All matters concerning the travel agency and all related services shall be settled between the investor and the travel agency. Any dispute arising therefrom shall be resolved by the two parties.


      1. The terms and conditions for the Abenson Gift Certificate, Sodexo Gift Certificate, SM Gift Pass, Rustan’s and Sun Life Prosperity Card shall apply.


      1. Redemption of investments under Sales Load Option B or within five (5) years from the date of the investment shall be subject to redemption fees as indicated in the Prospectus below:


      Redemption Period

      Redemption Fee

      (Exclusive of VAT)

      First Year


      Second Year


      Third Year


      Fourth Year


      Fifth Year


      After the Fifth Year



      For further inquiries, the following may be contacted:



      For promo inquiries:


      Mary Ritchell Catana or

      Melissa Ferrer

      (for Luzon-based clients)


      Melgrace Castro

      (for Visayas and Mindanao-based clients)


      Sun Life Asset Management Company Inc.




      Trunk line/Local: 555-8888 local 5177 (Mary Ritchell), 555-8888 local 5019 (Melissa), or (032) 415-8164 (Melgrace)


      Email: MaryRitchell.Catana@sunlife.com, Melissa.Ferrer@sunlife.com, or Melgrace.Castro@sunlife.com



      8F Sun Life Centre, 5th Ave. cor Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines 1634



      For investor-related inquiries:


      Sun Life Asset Management Company Inc. Investor Services




      Trunk line/Local: 849-9888


      Email: sunlink@sunlife.com




      For leisure reward redemptions and other client relations concerns:


      Kaze Agar


      Elaine Deluria


      HRG Philippines

      Marsman Drysdale Travel, Inc.







      Trunk line/Local: +63 (2) 925-4953 (Kaze) or +62 (2) 887-0000 local 206 (Elaine)


      Email: kaze.agar@ph.hrgworldwide.com,

      leisure@ph.hrgworldwide.com, or elaine.deluria@ph.hrgworldwide.com



      19F Robinsons Summit Center, 6783 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines 1227


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