MyFuture Fund

Variable life insurance funds

MyFuture Fund is one of the investment options for policyholders of Sun FlexiLink and Sun FlexiLink1 which are variable life insurance products regulated by the Insurance Commission. Five (5) MyFuture Funds are offered: MyFuture 2020, MyFuture 2025, MyFuture 2030, MyFuture 2035 and MyFuture 2040.

Unlike other investment funds, MyFuture Fund takes into account the policy owner's retirement plans so that it endeavors to provide capital appreciation in the medium to long term, and shifts to capital preservation as the fund matures.

As the fund nears maturity, it can expect to gain lower returns with asset allocation becoming less risky - that means lesser volatility for the policy owner at the time he or she plans to begin withdrawing substantial portions of the investment and using these for retirement funds.

Benefit from a wealth of advantages

  • A "One-Decision" fund: With MyFuture funds, you don't have to choose which investment funds to invest in and in what percentage. Instead, you simply choose the fund with a maturity date closest to your estimated retirement date because the fund is designed for capital appreciation in the early years and capital preservation as it matures.
  • Provides safety few years before you need your retirement or education fund: With MyFuture Fund, your money is moved to bonds as you approach the fund's maturity date, so that a market downturn won't reduce significantly your fund 6 months before retirement.
  • Provides more time for yourself: You don't have to spend time selecting your investments, rebalancing your portfolio, and researching new funds. You can spend your time the way you want to.
  • Makes investing easy through professional investment management: The fund is managed by top-notch investment professionals with a wealth of expertise and experience. Finally, you should benefit from Sun Life Financial's investment management track record and first-rate research capabilities.

Download the latest MyFuture Fund 2020 Performance Report

Download the latest MyFuture Fund 2025 Performance Report

Download the latest MyFuture Fund 2030 Performance Report

Download the latest MyFuture Fund 2035 Performance Report

Download the latest MyFuture Fund 2040 Performance Report

Peso Funds as of 04/24/2014

Money Market Fund 1.0683
Bond Fund 1.9423
Balanced Fund 3.0490
Equity Fund 3.9669
MyFuture 2020 Fund 2.5293
MyFuture 2025 Fund 2.4893
MyFuture 2030 Fund 2.4948
MyFuture 2035 Fund 2.5335
MyFuture 2040 Fund 2.5222
Income Fund 1.3762
Opportunity Fund 1.3557
Growth Fund 1.4817

Dollar Funds as of 04/24/2014

Dollar Bond Fund 1.7433
Sun Prestige Capital++ Fund 1.1467
Sun Dollar Maximizer Fund 0.9909
Sun Dollar Maximizer - UCG Fund 0.9600
Sun Dollar Maximizer - UCG 2 Fund 0.9367
Sun Dollar Maximizer - EA Fund 0.8492
Sun Dollar Maximizer - EA 2 Fund 0.8069
Global Income Fund 1.0080
Global Opportunity Fund 1.0191

These investment funds are specific to variable life insurance contracts and are not considered mutual funds. Life Insurance products are regulated by the Insurance Commission.

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