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Peso Funds | Dollar Funds

Bond Fund2.75071.8438%3.0688%
Balanced Fund3.6693-2.4252%-1.9507%
Equity Fund3.9340-3.7624%-3.5217%
Money Market Fund1.13480.8532%0.7547%
GS Fund1.55081.1611%2.7837%
Dynamic Fund0.9437-5.6111%-3.4874%
Index Fund0.9141-9.5756%0.0000%
Dollar Advantage Fund3.0889-3.6946%-3.1298%
Dollar Abundance Fund2.83310.7504%4.0090%
Disclaimer: Figures only indicate past performance over the given periods and do not necessarily indicate future returns. Share values and investment returns may fluctuate.
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