Equity Fund

Variable life insurance funds

The Equity Fund is one of the investment options for policyholders of Sun FlexiLink, Sun MaxiLink Prime, and Sun MaxiLink Bright which are variable life insurance products regulated by the Insurance Commission1.

The Equity Fund is designed to generate long-term capital appreciation by investing in high-quality equities diversified across sectors.

Benefit from a Wealth of Advantages

  • Achieves a diversified portfolio with low minimum investment: It is estimated that it would take a minimum of Php 5 million in individual investments to provide an appropriate measure of diversification in a portfolio. With the Equity Fund, the benefits of full diversification could be achieved by pooling individual investments from variable life policyholders.
  • Enjoy long-term capital appreciation: The Equities market offers the highest potential rate of return compared to other asset classes. The value of equities rise and fall quickly over the short term, but historically they perform better over the long-term than other types of securities.
  • Investing made easy through professional investment management: The fund is managed by top-notch investment professionals2 who focus solely on maximizing your returns over the long term. You have Sun Life Financial's investment experience, commitment and research capabilities working for you..
  • Supplements your fixed income investments:The more asset classes in your investment portfolio, the more diversified your holdings, the lower the overall risk of your portfolio. In addition to providing access to more superior returns, diversifying into Philippine equities through the convenience of a variable life insurance product will help reduce the risk of your total investment portfolio.

1 The Equity Fund is not a security. This Equity Fund is distinct from Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund, which is a mutual fund registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

2 The team of investment professionals based in the Philippines, who manage the Life Fund portfolio with assets in of PHP 62.35 billion, market value as of 31 December 2008.

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Peso Funds as of 10/23/2014

Money Market Fund 1.0668
Bond Fund 1.9644
Balanced Fund 3.1575
Equity Fund 4.1639
MyFuture 2020 Fund 2.6150
MyFuture 2025 Fund 2.5784
MyFuture 2030 Fund 2.6199
MyFuture 2035 Fund 2.6643
MyFuture 2040 Fund 2.6509
Income Fund 1.3944
Opportunity Fund 1.4037
Growth Fund 1.5527

Dollar Funds as of 10/23/2014

Dollar Bond Fund 1.8184
Sun Prestige Capital++ Fund 1.1533
Sun Dollar Maximizer Fund 1.0027
Sun Dollar Maximizer - UCG Fund 0.9482
Sun Dollar Maximizer - UCG 2 Fund 0.9253
Sun Dollar Maximizer - EA Fund 0.8717
Sun Dollar Maximizer - EA 2 Fund 0.8361
Global Income Fund 1.0194
Global Opportunity Fund 0.9941

These investment funds are specific to variable life insurance contracts and are not considered mutual funds. Life Insurance products are regulated by the Insurance Commission.

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