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NAVPS PESO as of 10/02/2015

Bond Fund 2.7498
Balanced Fund 3.5996
Equity Fund 3.8054
Money Market Fund 1.1345
GS Fund 1.5520
Dynamic Fund 0.9267
Index Fund 0.8829

NAVPS DOLLARS as of 10/02/2015

Dollar Advantage Fund 3.0247
Dollar Abundance Fund 2.8187

Sun Life Prosperity Funds

Omnibus Prospectus
Special Market Report ( 25 August 2015)

The last few trading days have not been kind to investors globally. However, sell-offs like these have happened before and our markets have come out stronger. In this report, we discuss the events that lead to this and reasons why the Philippines can bounce back. We also discuss sell-offs in the recent past and how we overcame them. There's a brighter future ahead!

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