Individual insurance

Sun Life Financial, through its member company, Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc., offers individual life insurance products that address your needs and fit your financial profile. We offer financial security for you and your family. Sun Life Financial has been helping meet the demands of these changing times through these products.

How can we help you?

SUN Fit and Well (NEW)
is a New Generation Wellness Product that offers you comprehensive life and health protection no matter what happens, giving you and your family comfort and peace of mind in times of great distress caused by a serious illness. You may opt to choose between the basic plan which provides life and critical illness coverage or the Plus or Advantage variant which also provides guaranteed cash benefits that you can rest on during your golden years.
SUN Healthier Life
is an affordable health solution that helps one get through any stage of a critical illness. Just like a safety net, it helps secure the much needed finances in case of a health emergency. It provides cash benefits so that the customer need not jeopardize one’s savings and investments particularly in the unexpected diagnosis of a critical illness like Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke or should there be a need to go through certain medical procedures such as an Angioplasty.
SUN Safer Life - 5 Year Renewable and Convertible Term (NEW)
is a 5-year term life insurance product that provides maximum protection at a cost that fits your budget. With its convertibility and automatic renewability features, you can enjoy the benefit of keeping yourself and your loved ones’ future secured for a longer period.
Sun LifeAssure
is a nonparticipating peso-denominated five-year renewable term life plan with critical illness benefit.
SUN Smarter Life
is a protection product that provides double life insurance coverage starting Day 1 until Age 100. You can choose between the Classic variant which provides basic life insurance coverage; or the Elite variant which also provides LIFETIME guaranteed cash payouts equal to 8% of the Face Amount given at the end of the 6th year and every other year onwards.
Sun Maiden and Sun Maiden Plus
are insurance packages specially designed for women.
Sun Acceler8
is a protection and savings in one that provides guaranteed cash benefits at specific periods throughout the duration of the policy, plus a lump sum maturity benefit at the end of 20 years. Both the guaranteed cash benefits and the life insurance coverage increases to address inflation.
Sun First Aid
is an affordable hospital income plan that helps defray the cost of hospitalization. Its money back feature gives you the unique benefit of receiving cash whether you get hospitalized or not.
Sun Dream Achiever
is a life insurance product and savings in one with guaranteed education benefits paid in four (4) annual installments starting on the year chosen by the insured, regardless of school and course.
Sun StartUp
is a ten (10) pay, peso denominated, nonparticipating endowment insurance product maturing at the end of 10 years. This product guarantees payment of the face amount upon death of the life insured; and return of a portion of the premiums paid when life insured outlives the 10-year period.
Supplementary Benefits or Riders
are also available to enhance the basic insurance plan.