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August 22, 2017

Investing Anytime, Anywhere

Investing Anytime, Anywhere

The commitment to make investing easier and more convenient for clients serves as the inspiration behind the latest auxiliary service of SLAMCI.


With the launch of Bills Payment in July, existing SLAMCI investors may do subsequent investments through the electronic channels of BDO Unibank (BDO): online banking, automatic teller machine (ATM), or over-the-counter (OTC) payments.


Clients who opt for this payment method need not visit a Sun Life Client Service Center or accomplish an Order Ticket form. They may also enjoy the flexibility of choosing their preferred sales load.


“At SLAMCI, quality client experience is a top priority. This is why we keep looking for ways for clients to be able to facilitate their investments at their own time,” says SLAMCI President Valerie Pama. “Through BDO’s Bills Payment Facility, clients can invest by simply visiting any of BDO’s branches or doing so through their BDO Online Banking account.”


For OTC payments, clients may drop by a BDO branch, fill out a payment slip, and provide the payment to the teller.


For Online Banking payments, meanwhile, BDO accountholders who are also Sun Life Prosperity Fund investors can invest by first enrolling the intended Sun Life Prosperity Fund as a biller before proceeding with payment.


“As we move along, we plan to engage more banks to process bills payments made to the Sun Life Prosperity Funds,” Pama adds. “This will enable our investors to invest with ease, and be on track to achieve their financial goals.”



Existing SLAMCI clients can make subsequent investments in the following Sun Life Prosperity Funds through BDO Bills Payment.


Company/Biller Name

Type of Mutual Fund


SLAMCI Equity Fund

Equity Fund


SLAMCI Bond Fund

Bond Fund


SLAMCI Balanced Fund

Balanced Fund


SLAMCI Index Fund

Index Fund



GS Fund


SLAMCI Money Market Fund

Money Market Fund

SLAMCI terms and conditions apply for any subsequent investment via Bills Payment.  



  1. Payment made before cut-off are processed on transaction date + 1 day.

Cut-off time:

Electronic Banking Channels - 10:00PM

Over-the-Counter - Branch operating hours


  1. When asked for your Subscriber/Reference Number via OTC in bank branches or via Bills Payment Online, please use the format “FE + 12-digit mutual fund account no.” for Front-End or “BE + 12-digit mutual fund account no.” for Back-End (except for Money Market Fund) investments. For Money Market Fund investors, simply use the original format of your mutual fund account number.


Front-End Load: FE12345678CF01

Back-End Load: BE12345678CF01


  1. BDO will not process transactions with the incorrect format of Subscriber/Reference Numbers.
  2. Payment transactions that fall on a weekend or holiday will be considered transactions for the following business day.

SLAMCI Bills Payment Guidelines and FAQs