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November 30, 2010

Sun Life Financial Philippines wins Best Insurance Website from Digital Filipino

Last November 24, 2010, The Digital Filipino Club adjudged as the best insurance website for 2010.

The award is given to Filipino-hosted websites that pass the Digital Filipino standards of search engine competitiveness, website traffic stickiness, outstanding technical performance and social media engagement. In partnership with Search Profile Index, the Digital Filipino Awards is a brainchild of the Digital Filipino Club, a community of e-commerce professionals and enthusiasts established on December 25, 2003. The Club currently has over 100 members from students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. What makes the club unique is its business promotion focus and knowledge sharing culture. Members are composed of individuals and companies from various sectors with common interest in areas such as Internet, e-commerce, research, outsourcing, wireless, Internet security, and software process improvement.

Unlike the past years that the DF Club has been giving out awards, this year’s process includes a monitoring process, abandoning the votation system that has been in place in previous years.
Janette Toral, founder of the Digital Filipino Awards, in her opening remarks, said: “Even if the site is beautiful, sometimes it doesn’t mean it gets a lot of visits, or if it gets visits at all.” This year, not only local sites are included in the nominations. Websites that have local offices are now in the running, too. In essence, the DF Awards recognizes the websites that proves usability and content usefulness to site users.

L-R: Jo Mitra of Search Profile Index (far left) and Janette Toral (Digital Filipino Club founder) award Sun Life Financial Philippines for its website. The award is received by Head of Marketing Mylene Lopa, Creative and Digital Marketing Manager Don Peji and Creative and Digital Marketing Analyst Tara Cabullo.

“There were a lot of changes to this year and we attribute these to the people across the company, who worked on it,” says Don Peji, Creative and Digital Marketing Manager. Tara Cabullo, Creative and Digital Marketing Analyst continues, “The site was migrated to a new platform, the Vignette CMS on the latter part of 2009. Veering away from hard-coded pages, the new CMS helps in triggering search engines that new content is available on the site. Just recently, with the help of our local IT team, Sun Life Asia and the Toronto Enterprise Services, the dynamic URLs of the site has been changed into static URLs to help guide search engines to our site and direct users to the pages where the information they need are located.”

“We are grateful for this award as this goes to prove that we connect to our public using a medium that is fast growing in usage and popularity. To be awarded before in 2007 is already an honor. To win again for the second time, is a privilege which inspires us to do better moving forward,” says Head of Marketing Services Mylene Daez-Lopa.

Other winners of the 4th Digital Filipino Awards were:

  • – Marketplace
  • –Newspaper
  • – Government
  • – Telecommunications
  • –Television
  • – Jobs
  • –Organization
  • – Travel
  • – Entertainment
  • – Insurance
  • – Reference
  • – Magazine
  • – Retail
  • – Directory
  • – Sports
  • – Review
  • –Community
  • –Corporate
  • –Fashion
  • –Automotive
  • – Gaming
  • – Social network
  • - Portal

Special thanks to the local IT Team who helped in the migration and in the current website operations: Marisue Rufino, Dennis Policarpio, Grace Nuguid, Claire Lu and Jezreel Padilla.